Catching Up, an Update

Boy, oh boy what a couple of months these have been!  I'm glad to say that things are starting to calm down a little bit and I'm finally able to give this blog more of the attention it deserves.  The last few weeks before the move were packed with long work hours and the stress… Continue reading Catching Up, an Update

The Spectator: Why Does the Battle for Gay Rights Stop at the Borders of Islam?

"So where are all these people who profess to care about gay rights? Their absence suggests to me that agreement has broadly been reached that religious sensitivities trump human rights, as long as the sensitivities in question are Islamic." - Douglas Murray, columnist for The Spectator (UK)

Self Check Up, or the Man in the Mirrors

I remember my mother telling me as a teenager, “When you have your own children I hope they act just like you did when you were little...” At the time I sat back, laughing and thinking to myself, “Ha! Like that will happen...” Well, yeah... that happened... Try as I might to avoid it, my little boys act an awful lot like their old man and it's not always pretty...

Q&A: What’s your view on tithes and offerings? (Page 2)

< Read Page 1 The Heresy of Progressive Christianity Ah, another Christian term to define. Oxford defines Heresy as “belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious doctrine.” For our purposes let us simply define heresy as false teaching about the bible. Read Also: Teaching Series- Modern Day Heresy As 21st century Christians we are being… Continue reading Q&A: What’s your view on tithes and offerings? (Page 2)

Q&A: What’s your view on tithes and offerings? (Page 1)

All right, it's been a while since we've had a Q&A post so for all of you who have been waiting, here we go! Just a forewarning, this is going to be a long post because it tackles a complicated debate, but I think it's a good one. I was recently talking with one of… Continue reading Q&A: What’s your view on tithes and offerings? (Page 1)