Blogging Through Song: Abandon – Control (Part III)

Track 3- Live It Out The number one complaint I’ve heard over the years  from Christians and non-Christians alike is the hypocrisy in the Church.  Now allow me to first state my disapproval of generalizing ANY group of people.  For instance, not all Asians are mathematical geniuses, not all Irishmen are drunkards, not all African-AmericansContinue reading “Blogging Through Song: Abandon – Control (Part III)”

Blogging Through Song: Abandon – Control (Part I)

This is the first post a series of Blogging Through Song posts for the album “Control” by Abandon (2010)

Blogging Through Song: 12 Stones – Broken

I’ve realized that in spite of the subtitle of my blog I’ve not done a lot of “blogging through song”. So for any of you who, like me, have a soft spot in your heart for the world of music allow me to begin here. Whilst this may not be the first song entry I’mContinue reading “Blogging Through Song: 12 Stones – Broken”