A Little Bit of Spit Up, or How He Loves

I just walked into the bathroom and caught a look at myself in the mirror.  My blue shirt has the familiar discoloration of baby spit up.  It reminded me of when my oldest son was a newborn and I took him to Starbucks with me to collect a paycheck.  The girls I worked with couldn’t stop talking about how cute he was because he was “so little” and “adorable”.  Then a funny thing happened.  He spit up.  They were grossed out because this little baby spit up some of the milk he’d had just before we left the house.  I landed on my shirt, my arm, and my hands and I proceeded to clean him up and clean myself up before heading back home.

As I looked curiously at the stain reflected in the mirror, still unsure when that occurred, the Holy Spirit reminded me of something I thought I’d share with you all.  God is a Father who loves us, his children.  He loves deeper and more perfectly than I could ever love all three of my boys.  And when we say or do the stupid things that we say and do on a daily basis, it’s like we’re spitting up all over Him.

He doesn’t get grossed out by it, he doesn’t hold us at a distance because we’re nasty; he brings us closer to him, wipes us up, feeds us again, and takes the same joy in us that he had before we spit up.

Published by Dan Scott

Blogger, IT pro, husband and father. Loves Jesus, music, and retro gaming. Trying to make the world better than I found it.

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