More Than Mormon

Reblogging from my catchall blog about what God taught me during my first experience with Mormon Missionaries.

Rants, Theories, & Random Observations

I had my first encounter with a group of Mormon missionaries tonight.  Abby had met two of them (young ladies) in prior weeks and tonight was the first time I was able to be there with her when they came over.  It’s been a good experience for her because she’s been praying a lot that God would provide her opportunities to minister to people throughout the week since she is home with the kids all day and can’t really get out too much.  There was some concern that in my directness and my passion for apologetics that I could be overbearing as the two young ladies were quite young so out of respect for her I decided to sit in the other room and work on some writing projects, however they brought a young man with them and so I joined the discussion.

It’s my job as the head of…

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