Blogging Through Song: Abandon – Control (Part I)

Track 01- Feel it in Your Heart

I’d say it’s prophetic that this is the first song on the first album I’ve chosen to blog through. There are many artists and albums that I really like, but Abandon is one of those bands that stands out without standing out. Their sound is uniquely retro with solid roots of modern pop, yet the message of their songs resonates the message of the Bible (and not just the big ideas).

I’m not sure if anyone’s really noticed but I’ve been on a break from the blogosphere (forgive me if that term is antiquated at this point). With the business of work and a family vacation I’ve not had the time, energy, or even desire to sit down and write. Truth be told, I love writing and I really enjoy blogging- I have for years- but just as this song says,

You’ve gotta feel it in your heart.

In my own pride and arrogance I could sit down and shove out something for you to read that may catch your attention or speak to your curiosity, but to do that would be to steal the honor and glory that truly is only due to the Lord. I write not because I want my name to be elevated, but because He is worthy of my devotion in ALL areas. And to be really honest with you, that’s hard. It’s really hard! As I’ve said before, I (like many others) struggle with pride. Even though I’ve not done anything really noteworthy in the eyes of the world, I want my name to be known, I want to be honored, respected, and appreciated so that I can feel like I’ve accomplished something. But that’s not my goal. I would rather not write than to write something out of selfish ambition.

So why do I write?

There’s a sound, in the air

Can you hear it? Everywhere?

Voices trying to be heard

Love is more than just another word

Oh, you can turn it up loud

As loud as it will go

But it’ll never make it’s way to your soul

Until you feel it in your heart

I write because God has been declaring his love for His creation since the he brought it into being. Everything we have is a gift and he showers gifts on all of us, even those who reject him (that breath you just took- your welcome… and that one- that one too). I’m far from perfect and I screw up (A LOT), but God is working in my heart and I am thankful that he is patient. And sometimes, especially when God is dealing with an issue in my life, I don’t feel like ministering the way I normally do because if I did you’d be able to see right through it.

Does this mean we should only share the gospel when we’re having the “mountain top” experience? By no means! Even the valley is part of the mountain range. God’s plan is for the world to know Him and our mission is to share his love with the world. But perhaps it’s healthier for the Christian to withdraw a bit when you don’t “feel it in your heart” to allow God to work on your heart before trying to lead any one else.


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