A Prayer for Syria

I’ve been doing a lot of reading up on what’s going on in Syria.  I’m not going to get into the whole political argument because governments are going to do whatever they want, but it breaks my heart to read the about the number of people who have been killed since the conflict began and about the atrocities against the people in general and against the women and children in particular.

I just read an older article about the siege on Homs with the shelling and sniper fire that has killed hundreds of people including babies and toddlers… it absolutely makes me rage inside!  I cry out to God, “Why?”  Why is he allowing this to happen?  Why are these people allowed to terrorize, torture, and murder these innocent babies just because they, “Don’t want them to grow up to be a protestor”.

Since the war began estimates of the death toll have exceeded 100,000 people.  It’s a big number but I didn’t have a good reference for it until I learned that the average NFL football stadium seats around 70,000 people.  So that would be filling a stadium, killing EVERYONE, and then repeating the process!

All I can do is pray for peace in Syria, and for a safe transition of power, and to take peace in knowing that God’s judgement is right and perfect and that one day all of these people will be standing before Him having to give an account for what they’ve done, and whatever He says, that’s what it is.

Jesus, you are the King of kings.  You are above all of this, and you will be back someday to make all of this right.  You are gracious and not even these sins are beyond what you will forgive, so I pray for the salvation of ALL of these people. I pray for your Church in Syria. Watch over them and give them the strength to persevere. Protect the children God, bring them to your side.  Amen.


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