Blogging Through Song: Abandon – Control (Part II)

Track 2- Help

This song has never been one of my favorites, but once again in His providence God is using a song to minister to me.  Overall, this has been a good week, yet there have been several times where I’ve simply try to get my work done on my own.  I mean it’s not like I’m intentionally trying to kick God out of my day, but by my actions it seems like that’s exactly what’s been going on.  I can recall two or three times where I’ve been asked something or wanted to convey a message and replied with my immediate reaction instead of praying for His guidance.


God is still bringing me to the end of myself.  I thought He was getting closer, but I keep proving myself wrong.  And every time all I can do is call out for help.  Now, to remember to call for help before I act/speak.


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