The Bible: The Epic Miniseries; A Brief Review

I just finished the final episode of The Bible. If you’ve not seen it, The Bible was a ten part miniseries that aired earlier this year and is now available as a four disc DVD set. I bought the set and was excited to see this latest adaptation of the Scriptures. The visuals were stunning; I mean this was a made-for-television series so no one should expect Avatar here, but the whole parting of the Red Sea scene was fantastic.
I had no intention of writing a review of this series but as I was speaking to my wife about it, I found myself becoming kind of negative about it. “They left out…” or, “This wasn’t accurate…” and through my wife and the conviction of the Holy Spirit the Lord reminded me of something. Millions of people saw this (and will see it) and heard the message of how he came to earth, suffered, died, and overcame death for them. And the film crew did a good job of keeping the love of God at the forefront. So for any of you who’ve not seen it, or have seen it and were critical, I would recommend checking it out (again) and pray about what you see. It really helped me to experience the Bible stories that I’ve become familiar with in a more emotionally gripping way.