Why Non-Christians Don’t Like Christians, or What are We Doing Wrong?

I recently read an interesting post by WordPress user hessianwithteeth.  She is not a Christian, and while I think this particular post will simply incite more division rather than genuine dialogue between Christian’s and non, the post gives us a keen insight into the arguments of many that are labeled as “the far left”.  In her post 10 Reasons Why I Care What You Believe hessianwithteeth walks through her arguments of why she disagrees with the typical base-Republican position which is often equated to Christianity.

“Why do you care about what I believe?”

The following is a brief synopsis of things that jumped out at me, not a exhaustive overview of all she wrote.  If you take the time to read what she wrote without taking it personally you’ll likely notice the following:

  • She feels that our beliefs directly impact her lifestyle
  • She fears that our beliefs will subject her to a level of persecution
  • She believes that being a woman makes her a target of oppression
  • She believes that all we care about is power and that we want to hold down those who [i]aren’t like us[/i]
  • She believes we are going to destroy the planet because we don’t believe in climate change.
  • She believes that creationists “blatently ignore reality”
  • She believes that we aren’t empathetic to others who aren’t like us.
westboro crazies
Example of what NOT to do…

I point these out for this reason: I’ve heard them all before from many people.  While many on the far left disregard our beliefs and act in a way that we consider discriminatory in the name of equality and justice, we ought to consider the persecution of Jesus and the early Church.  Many consider Christians a majority in the United States and the West but unfortunately many Christians do not act like it.  We should bring a sense of peace and security to those who feel marginalized and outcast.  We should

Example of what TO do. Love, care, serve.
Example of what TO do. Love, care, serve.

show a level of value for women that makes anyone who accuses Christians of being anti-woman to be seen as a fool.  We should vote and stand for our faith and our beliefs but power shouldn’t be the goal; it’s a moral commitment to our God.  We shouldn’t overlook science but I do believe in a healthy level of scepticism.  Blind faith in anything can be dangerous and naive, even science.  We should be good stewards of the world we’ve been given.  And if we cannot be empathetic to those around us than we have clearly failed at our mission.

I encourage and challenge all believers to wrestle with these and to genuinely seek the Lord, being open to His answers even if they don’t line up with our expectations.  It’s not always easy, but He is faithful to lead us in His ways.


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