For the Love of God

A year for holiness

“For God shows no partiality.” – Romans 2:11

By this time in the new year, look back. Have you sinned? Have you said or done something that you should not have? I know I have. Take heart that God is just, and He forgives us when we fall short and ask for His forgiveness. God’s love has no end and shows no partiality even when we think it should.

Continue walking with him.

Talk to him, as you would talk to a friend. Nothing formal, just as you are.

Listen. Shut off the technology and shut out the distractions of the world for a little while and just listen for His voice in the quiet, for at least a small part of your day.  At first this may be a little difficult but it will get easier over time.

Do what He says. If you’re unsure that what you’re hearing is Him, then ask Him and double check it with the Scriptures.

The Father loves you. The Son loves you. The Spirit loves you.


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