Through God’s Eyes

A year for holiness

“For even His own brothers did not believe in Him.” – John 7:5

Do you ever get the feeling that those you love just don’t get you and your faith in Jesus? Don’t feel bad if you do, Jesus endured the same thing. Even His mother Mary, who had been visited by the archangel Gabriel and told that she would bear the Son of God came to get Him with His siblings when He was preaching because she thought He was out of His right mind.

The life of a devoted Christian is hard. We don’t want to completely remove ourselves from civilization and our communities, but we do have a worldview and morality that is counter-cultural and some people are going to think you are crazy, stupid, weak, narrow minded, bigoted, or any combination of the above. When those times come, find rest and peace in knowing that often times the more we are criticized the better we are doing at following Him.

Pray today for a chance to see yourself as Jesus sees you. Ask for ongoing and continued peace in the midst of conflict. Seek peace with those around you, even if they disagree with you.


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