Catching Up, an Update

Boy, oh boy what a couple of months these have been!  I’m glad to say that things are starting to calm down a little bit and I’m finally able to give this blog more of the attention it deserves.  The last few weeks before the move were packed with long work hours and the stress of saying goodbye to friends and family while preparing for our 5th move since April of last year.  In some ways it hard to believe it’s only been 11 months because it’s been SO packed, but as life starts to return to normal I know we’ll have the chance to process everything that’s happened.

If you’ve been following this blog for the last year, you’ll no doubt have seen occasional updates that have given you a glimps into what we’ve gone through as we followed the Lord’s leading from our home in South Carolina to a grand adventure in Florida before leaving the Sunshine State once more.  I’m sure at some point I’ll write more on the experiences and what God has taught me through them, but suffice it to say for now that He is good.  Jesus has, indeed, been with us through it all and has poured out His blessing on our lives.  Even now, I sit in the cafe of the Starbucks I am now working at even though we left Florida without any guarantee that this job would be here (in fact, every indication was that I’d not be able to transfer at all while moving into a competitive job market).

As Paul said, Jesus is “able to do abundantly more than all we ask or imagine…”  I asked for a transfer and He put me in the specific type of store I’ve wanted to work in for a long time now with a great group of co-workers and a program to be able to continue my education with full tuition reimbursement.  I asked to not be unemployed when we moved and He not only gave me work, but it’s looking like I’ll be promoted in the very near future.  I asked that we would be in a place where my family and I could heal from the pain caused by this last year and we are resting on a farm in a valley with the mountains all around us; the type of place we’ve wanted to live in for years.  I’m sharing this with you as an encouragement.  Whatever you are going through, it’s going to be okay.  Trust in your Father and call on His Son to be your strength.  Be bold in asking Him to give you exactly what you need and for the heart to accept whatever it is that He has for you in this season of your life.

I leave you with this song, which has more or less served as an anthem for my family and I over the last year.  May it serve you well, and may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit now and forever.

Until next time,


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