A Time for Repentance, or a Note to the Body

You’ve heard it a thousand, thousand times.  “We are all called to repentance.” The pastor says.  “Repent!  For the kingdom of God is at hand!” The missionary quotes.  “Repent!  Turn away from your wickedness before it’s too late!” Proclaims the street corner soapbox preacher.

My definition of repentance is the action of ceasing one’s sin, turning away from the defiled lifestyle and seeking the will of God.  The calls for repentance have sounded for generations and yet we find ourselves living in a time when sin is glorified and God is cast aside as archaic.  We pass judgement on God without any expectation that He will, justly, pass judgement on us.

I woke up in the middle of the night with a strong urging from the Holy Spirit to pray for both friends and family, sinner and saint, ally and adversary.  The momentum of life is shifting and we, as a nation and as a world, are turning away from God faster and faster.  While others celebrate, I mourn.  While others toast and cheer, I lament.  The time for repentance is now, and I fear that most who read this or hear these words spoken through others will not listen.  We speak, as voices in the wilderness, only to be ignored and mocked.  “Stop fearmongering!”  They will say.  “People have been saying this all through history.”  Which is true, because history is full of sinners who need to repent.  History is also full of God’s righteous judgment upon nations who have turned their backs on Him and persecuted His people.

Repent.  Turn to Jesus and submit to His authority.  For those of us who are walking with Jesus, pray for the world in which we live; for those who persecute, and for those who are persecuted.  Pray for those who need the truth as well as those who are speaking it.  Do not be afraid of what may come against you now, and in the future.

In Christ Alone,


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