Update: God’s Provision and Blessings

Hey everyone,

I wanted to thank everyone for continuing to check out the blog and the podcast.  As I’ve said a number of times, life has been very busy over the last couple of years as I work toward finishing my degree, but as I wind down my final semester I wanted to share a testimony of God’s blessing and provision with you all.

This morning my wife, who typically handles our finances, brought me a budget she had put together with a total for some bills we needed to pay off as we work to get out of debt.  She then showed me that a refund check we had been waiting on had come in and it was more than we thought it was supposed to be.  Not coincidentally, it was the exact amount (to the dollar) of what we owed.  Praise be to God for his provision!

I know that, for many of us, life sometimes seems hard or unfair.  Often times life’s unexpected turns make it difficult to see the good, but let this be an encouragement that God loves his children and he takes care of all of us.


P.S. Thanks to everyone for making today the best day Ancient Abandon has had in terms of post likes.  You guys are awesome!


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