An Update for March 2018

Boy, oh boy, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything (apologies to everyone for such a long delay).

A Quick Personal Update

I mentioned part of this in a previous episode of the podcast, but for those of you who may not listen to it, I am very happy to let everyone know that I have finally graduated and passed my first two IT certification exams. Thank you so much to everyone who has kept my family and I in your prayers over the last 3 exhausting years!

The plan is to continue studying for a few more professional certifications, however the major deadlines are over with for now. I ask for your continued prayer as I study that I would do well to learn the material (it’s a lot of information to take it) while maintaining a healthy balance with work and family life.

Also, my family and I recently left our home church of the last 7 years and have started attending a new church family. We didn’t leave because of any hurt feelings or conflicts; rather, it was after visiting our new church one Sunday and seeing the ministry to our community and to our college students that we felt the Lord drawing us to start attending regularly. I’m not 100% sure what God has for us or in what ways he wants to use us as part of this new church family, but I’m excited to see where he takes things moving forward. Please pray for us that we will all adjust well, make friends, build relationships, and be sensitive to God’s leading.

Blog and Podcast Update

I mentioned a few months back that I’m interested in sharing contributions from others here on Ancient Abandon. If you or someone you know are interested in sharing your testimony, life experiences, or insights on things like faith, family, marriage, parenting, relationships, work, politics, nature, theology, or really anything interesting, than hit that Ask a Question link at the top of this page and send me a message.

While the last few months of content here focused on getting the podcast off the ground, I plan to get back to writing this year as well. If any of you have topics you’d like to see covered or questions you’d like answered, leave a comment below or contact me through the Ask a Question page.

The last bit of news for this month, I am adding a two new segments. The first is the news where we’ll look at some of the big stories of the week and approach them from a Christian perspective. The second is a weekly music pick. If you’ve followed this blog from the beginning back in 2012 (good on you, that’s a long time) the very first post set the tone for the original incarnation of Ancient Abandon: blogging through song. In the spirit of those early days I wanted to incorporate my love of good music and hopefully get others to support these artists who are pushing back against the notion that all Christian music is musically terrible.

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Until next time,


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