How to Study the Bible


The focus of this blog has been to answer, and to equip you to answer, the post-Christian world.  How do we do that?  By understanding that God is at the center of our lives and everything is connected to Him, then we relay that truth in a rational way.  This course is designed to be a walkthrough for unbelievers, new believers, nominal believers, and theologians alike.  It’s aim is to answer a frequently asked question: “How do I study the Bible?”

Before going any further it bears saying (in the event someone thinks otherwise) I am not a licensed teacher, nor am I a Bible professor; I’m a guy who has devoted the last 11 years to getting to know God and letting Him teach me about the book that He wrote.  I have trained in university settings both biblical studies and theology and have spent many hours in independent research.

To many who have been Christians for a long time, this might sound like a silly question but it’s one that we have all asked during our Christian lives and it’s a joy to help others learn to study and hear from the Word of God.  I hope that you find this section useful.  Be sure to pass on the link to a friend, family member, co-worker that God lays on your heart.  Each section covers topics in successive order, therefore it’s easiest to start at the beginning.


  1. Introduction to Biblical Studies
  2. Reliability: How We Know We Can Trust the Bible
  3. Modern Translations: Choosing Your Bible
  4. Literal or Allegorical: Methods of Bible Reading
  5. Interpretation: How We Understand the Bible
  6. Application: How the Bible Impacts Our Lives
  7. Special Revelation: How God Uses the Bible to Speak Directly to Us

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